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What would you do if you were limitless?

What would you do if you were limitless?

It’s a big decision to ask someone to assist you with what you feel would be easier to just forget; only you aren’t forgetting it.

The past. It’s what made you who you are in this moment and why you are searching for answers.

​Coaching is not counseling. It’s sharing, guiding, and teaching you to unbind, unleash, unlock, and unlearn the habits and messages of your past, and stretch to meet your potential using the tools you already possess within yourself.

You are free to change your narrative.

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Nurturing Inner Safety

Even though we hurt beyond comprehension, nurturing ourselves as survivors is a critical first step toward building inner safety. We must take care of ourselves

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The Weight of Trauma

Sexual violence not only affects us long-term emotionally but for many, it also affects us physically. I’m referring to the weight of shame we carry

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