About Sher Unbound

In my life I have been the victim, transcended to survivor, and now I see myself as a Creator. I love that word, Creator.  Most have a sense of what a Creator is – a builder or maker of something, right? Most times people imagine a solid structure, a building, something solid. To me, I like to visualize myself as creating a belief of unlimited options – choices – using the tools and resources I have available to plan, design, and create a wonderful work of life art. Calling myself a Creator also inspired me to Un-Coach, as I recognized I am an artist creating masterpieces from dreams.

My creative interests are broad. I adore sewing, crocheting, knitting, design, embroidery, needlework, lace making and more. Of course, writing is a deep passion of mine as well. I like to take a creative view and approach to life. While the basic pattern is the same, every person and their dreams are as unique and individual as the fibers of they are created from.

Recognizing my passion for creating also helped me understand one other important point – I am limitless. The realization came to me that each time I wrote or was busy with creating, I was unhooking from my past more and more. The more inner work I did through writing, the further away I was traveling from my traumatic past. Of course, there was more to it than that, but the beauty of understanding I could Hear myself taught me what being free truly meant to me. 

Hearing you, your dreams, and helping you extract the knowledge you already possess with tools you can use, or choose not to use, are the foundation of our work together. I found when I felt seen and heard, I was able to unfold and peel back each layer until I reached my authentic self. that’s it. That’s all there is to it really – feeling accepted, seen and heard – it is what most people crave. Like a beautiful portrait that has been set aside for years and once brought into the light, cleaned off and displayed – it’s magnificent!

Growing with Love,
Sher Unbound

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Unbind, unlock, unlearn and unleash your inner self through Awareness, Acceptance, Trust, Vulnerability, Self-Appreciation and Inner Child work. Brought to you by Sher Unbound, an Un-Coach who is a lifetime survivor of sexual and domestic violence. Sher is a writer, former Social Worker, Sexual & Domestic Violence Advocate, Family Support Worker, Former Executive Director of A Family Mental Wellness Organization, Tailor, Mother, Grandmother, Explorer, Public Figure and Influencer living life on her terms. Sher is passionate about women embracing their healthy sensual self and has helped women reclaim their voices and power after sexual and domestic violence. Beside her college education in Counseling and Social Work, Sher’s experience and primary education is the school of life. Her chosen coaching team is a close inner circle of trusted Philosophers and Friends who are professionals in the Coaching and Educational fields.