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Unbound 100 Days of Intent: A Memoir and Trauma Healing Journal

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Trusting the process of inner work will reveal what you are capable of. Unbound 100 Days of Intent, a Memoir, and Trauma Healing Journal is the result of a woman trusting the journey inward to receive the gift of Personal Empowerment.

“There is something cathartic about expressing yourself through writing that I have not found in the best of therapists.”  – Sherri M. Day

With courage and determination, Sher uses her story and reflective journaling questions as the platform to launch the hidden conversations all humanity must have to end blaming and shaming survivors and end rape culture mentality.

About the Author: Sher M. Day is an active Advocate and Liberation Coach who breaks the barriers of trauma and its symptoms. Sher leveraged her life story and education in social work/counseling as a tool to assist her in nothing less than a courageous fight to release herself from C-PTSD. Sher is actively using her story as a platform in educating and empowering co-survivors to reclaim their power and life after trauma. Her authentic and vulnerable approach to the topic of sexual and domestic violence, mental illness, and other traumatic life events is empowering many women and men to be introspective about their life experiences. Sher writes and works from her home in Texas.

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