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We become a human doing when we put aside our thoughts, judgments, and perspectives while holding space for a human being.

“My purpose is not to encourage you to do or be better. It is to listen to understand you so that you can set yourself free.” – Sher Unbound

This is why I do what I do – Un-Coaching (Trauma Healing) and Advocacy. If you are ready to grow beyond your trauma, I invite you to apply to work with me, or ask a question that I will respond to in a timely manner.

Grow with Love,

I am not a licensed therapist nor clinical social worker. I am certified as an Advocate/Peer Support & Trauma Specialist. My credentials, knowledge, and work history as such demonstrate full ability and confidence in my field of trauma recovery. Information shared herein (and in session) is through experience and proven research/studies.

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