Integration of Love with Awareness

The Legend of Two Moons:
Integration of Love with Awareness

I find myself reminded of this lesson over and over:
We see what others want us to see, we Hear what they want us to hear, while many seem to be remiss in trusting what is felt by the mind, body, and spirit.

It’s my experience that not Trusting the self to feel, is an unnecessary burden that requires armor, masks, and false personas while validation of value and worth is sought for self from others.

When I decided to Trust stepping over the threshold that separated my past from the present, I discovered something greater than living in my pain and the labels given by society was available to me: The Choice to Love with Awareness; the Choice to Trust myself to feel the energy of Love, allowing it to gently unfold my authentic self.

For me, Trusting Love with Awareness means I can Hear what isn’t being said, what does not need to be said. I Feel, See, and Hear what is intended for me. I claim my Impeccability, the essence of Unbound Living because of Awareness, and Understanding.

By not trusting, not believing, not feeling Love with Awareness, I searched empty vessels for validation, leaving me parched and thirsting for more. My search continued everywhere, in everyone and everything instead of connecting to the nourishment of the energy from my mind, body, and spirit, and accessing what lay within: The embodiment of Love.

They say you can’t pour from an empty vessel. With so many not allowing themselves to acknowledge and embrace their value (hidden behind unhealed wounds), it is of no surprise to me why it is so much of a struggle to feel our authentic selves and share our gifts. It’s also of no surprise why survivors struggle to free themselves of their past and thrive with Awareness of Self-Love.

Like the Tree in the “Legend of Two Moons” (writing in progress), unless I allowed myself to align and integrate with all aspects of self, Trust in my Impeccability, and Believe in Love with Awareness, my roots would be shallow and frail, my limbs and trunk would be weak, and my life would be at risk. 

To grow in Love with Awareness, we are asked to Trust in our authentic Way-of-Being, following what is most appropriate for us in the present moment. Love doesn’t say, “Trust in me because I know better.” That’s the language of those who would prefer to see Self-Awareness never occurs.

Love asks me to Trust, to have faith in connecting to the energy of my Feelings and REMEMBER WHO I AM: Sher Unbound, Spirit Warrior, Impeccable, Keeper of the Meadows, and the Embodiment of Love with Awareness.

🤍🕊️ Sher

Sher Unbound

Sher Unbound

Growing With Love