Investing In Yourself

Ask me, Sher, what investing in yourself delivers. I’ll show you proof that any investment in ourselves is choosing to live as the highest version of us for our future.

Wow, that is a big claim, but it’s also one I am fully invested in and BELIEVE.

Inner work is not for entertainment, and it’s definitely not weird science. It’s intensive, immersive work with the mind-body and spirit connection that WILL pay off with persistent and consistant application.

But how will we know what we need or when? What IS inner work anyway and how will it help us with trauma recovery?

First, inner work is the spiritual and psychological practice of self-discovery. It’s a practice of uncovering, unlocking, and unbinding memories and emotions which create emotional and physiological illness. This is connected directly to understanding and releasing emotional wounds left by traumatic events.

Okay, how will we know what we need or when?

— When our relationships are suffering or ending sooner than we intended.
— Triggers are common and predictable.
— Feel unbalanced, sickly, and can’t seem to motivate toward change.
— We feel trapped or stuck in an infinite loop.

Once our awareness is raised that something needs to change, several things may seem to be a barrier:

–Don’t know where to start.
–Excuses of why we don’t change.
–Scattered thoughts (trauma brain).
–Victim mindset says “I can’t.”
— Fear of change.
— Need support and encouragement.

We can break the infinite loop which keeps us cycling through the same unhealthy patterns by trusting the process of Awareness, Acceptance, and Application.

Taking the first step over the threshold is the hard part. If we take this journey with others who are on the same path we increase our chances of successfully navigating any barriers.

Walking your recovery path with others provides multiple benefits such as accountability. Those who support our journey may ask us the questions that we haven’t thought of, or are afraid to ask ourselves. They may empower us, set an example for us to follow, or offer us perspectives we hadn’t seen before, all while encouraging us to keep going and Growing with Love.

❤️ Sher

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Sher Unbound

Sher Unbound

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