Leaving the Poverty of Powerlessness


Excerpt from new book, “Unbound Journey: Another 100 Days.  The Moreness Chronicles.

“Omitting my feelings about all the years of abuse and abandonment was one of the worst offenses committed in my life…The only way out is through. The day arrived when there was no choice but to finally give myself permission to allow the feelings to pass. Through this process I learned an extremely vital lesson: The feelings we fear and hide from they are only temporary.” Sher M.Day, Unbound 100 Days of Intent. 

And so I began my process of becoming Unbound, ending my “Poverty of Powerlessness.” 

I step on the ladder of self-awareness,

descending into self-discovery.  

Unbinding begins,

unknowingly amassing wealth. 

The wealth of Moreness, 

of Impeccability, 

of Self-Conception and Worth. 

The wealth of peace of mind, body, and spirit.  

Encounters with fearful moments of

seeing, feeling, hearing my authentic self. 

Shadows, taunting me, warning me to turn back. 

No. There was no going back. 

The only way now was to go through. 

Along the way, I take what I need

and share the rest.

Wealth of tenacity, of will, is my support.  

The path takes me through

radical gains and losses,


yielding to shadows,

silent screams, 

and screams that silenced uncaring souls.

Embracing my value, 

releasing what no longer served me. 

My inner child released from repression. 

I feel chaos release it’s hold and dissolve, 

as my ascension begins. 

Break through the surface.


again…and again.

Breath is Source. 

Soak up the gold light of Sun.

Be present in the silver beams of Moon. 

Observe with Attunement. 

Hear with Intent.

Feel with my Heart. 

My Spirit Dances.

Dance beloved.

Dance your authentic beauty.

Dance love for this spirit. 

Dance with Trust.

Dance for Choice. 

Dance the wealth of strength. 

Dance your heartbeat. 

Dance a celebration of truth. 

Dance into Moreness. 

Dance and embrace the priceless Love of Source.  

Dance away from the poverty of powerlessness.

Dance Deliberately Unbound. 

🤍🕊️ Sher

Sher Unbound

Sher Unbound

Growing With Love