Surrender to Feeling

Viewing energy as a life force isn’t as difficult as FEELING it. 

I can see it with my senses while aware and attuned to the Universe. I can acknowledge by thought when my energy is low and accept I am the one who is responsible for protecting my energy. 

This is KNOWING. However, acting with accountability for the protection of my energy is something I can admit I resist as well as avoid FEELING. 

You see, sometimes my inner child wants to be heard SO much that my adult self forgets to be still and listen to what the Universe is asking me to feel. Simultaneously, my inner child, my adult/parent self, and independent woman are all participating in the relationship with Life, but only in a KNOWING way. 

So, like any child, I exert my Will when I am distracted by my wants and needs. I don’t want to be bothered in those moments by acknowledging what I’m feeling and hearing. However, resisting what my body already knows and is trying to tell me in the form of messages from the Universe, results in defensive mechanisms being activated, creating formidable blocks to ALL forms of energy. 

For example, most people accept when they have done something inappropriate and take corrective action or make amends; however, not so much when it comes to personal matters of our physical appearance, relationships, or health for example.  We know what unhealthy attachment styles and coping skills can bring to our lives. For me, I have expended ridiculous amounts of energy in the form of justifications all to avoid feeling. 

I understand better now. There is great power in surrender. For me, accountability is more than admitting my uncomfortable truths. It also means taking action and that action includes the act of surrender. 

When I shift my perspective from being uncomfortable about accepting responsibility to asking myself what I GAIN by doing so, I feel how accountability proactively protects my energy. This shift helps me surrender my defenses surrounding my fear of feeling, not being heard, or believing I am not enough. 

Protecting my energy asks me to apply my Intent to ACT by feeling. When I look at setting my intent to protect instead of share or haphazardly leak my energy, I recognize intent can be used to motivate me to sustain growth or learn, allowing in what’s meant for me and keeping out that which is not.

I believe surrender is about connecting to something more than MY Will. It’s about accessing the energy of the Universe through the power that flows through my body; the energy I am responsible to protect.

Talking is NOT surrender. 

Feeling IS. 

There’s something to be said for allowing the intent of the Universe to be heard and felt. The point of connecting to this energy is to be able to sustain my ability to grow and Live Unbound and the only way I’m going to connect to the energy of what my spirit knows and feels is to surrender to,

Breathe, Be still, Listen, and FEEL. 

This is my experience I deliberately chose to share out of the importance of the message. If this message resonates with you, there was a question I asked myself about why I would surrender to feeling that perhaps you might ask yourself.

“What can I do to activate my Will in such a way that will benefit my needs and protect my energy?” 

🤍🕊️ Sher

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Sher Unbound

Sher Unbound

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