Nurturing Inner Safety

Even though we hurt beyond comprehension, nurturing ourselves as survivors is a critical first step toward building inner safety. We must take care of ourselves especially when we don’t feel like it. This is nearly a non- negotiable, but highly sustainable investment in our recovery. When we nurture our mind-body connection with self-care activities, we […]

The Weight of Trauma

Sexual violence not only affects us long-term emotionally but for many, it also affects us physically. I’m referring to the weight of shame we carry — the visible weight. It’s a sensitive topic, even for me, but it’s a topic I feel called to write about. First, before you react, I am all about being […]


Body Image

It’s not our body we are ashamed of; we are afraid to see the parts that hurt underneath. Neither is it our looks, our job, whether or not people like us.  What matters is, do we approve of ourselves?  Do we like ourselves enough to offer self-love?  The ironic part of why we choose to […]

Investing In Yourself

Ask me, Sher, what investing in yourself delivers. I’ll show you proof that any investment in ourselves is choosing to live as the highest version of us for our future. Wow, that is a big claim, but it’s also one I am fully invested in and BELIEVE. Inner work is not for entertainment, and it’s […]