Leaving the Poverty of Powerlessness

. Excerpt from new book, “Unbound Journey: Another 100 Days.  The Moreness Chronicles. “Omitting my feelings about all the years of abuse and abandonment was one of the worst offenses committed in my life…The only way out is through. The day arrived when there was no choice but to finally give myself permission to allow […]

Courage to Feel

Sometimes, my senses become oversaturated with objects, structures, signs, and noise, to the point of detaching from myself and their purpose. That detachment can morph into a dissociative state. Though I do this for my protection, it’s a place I prefer not to be. My intent is to feel, not hide behind the safety of […]

Surrender to Feeling

Viewing energy as a life force isn’t as difficult as FEELING it.  I can see it with my senses while aware and attuned to the Universe. I can acknowledge by thought when my energy is low and accept I am the one who is responsible for protecting my energy.  This is KNOWING. However, acting with […]

Self-Proving Independence of Being

Recently, I experienced several social situations which allowed me the opportunity to explore self-proving my abilities with the management of subtle red flags presented with the intent to control.  I wondered how I knew they were red flags and their intent and that it wasn’t my brain on overdrive from PTSD symptoms. The answer was […]