Leaving the Poverty of Powerlessness

. Excerpt from new book, “Unbound Journey: Another 100 Days.  The Moreness Chronicles. “Omitting my feelings about all the years of abuse and abandonment was one of the worst offenses committed in my life…The only way out is through. The day arrived when there was no choice but to finally give myself permission to allow […]

I Am Sher Unbound

I have spent a significant amount of time and energy on my recovery path, focusing on what I believed to be the purpose of this journey:  reclaiming my authentic self.  The trouble with this was I had no idea who my authentic self was, so I had to begin with self-discovery and self-awareness. It’s not […]

Integration of Love with Awareness

The Legend of Two Moons:Integration of Love with Awareness I find myself reminded of this lesson over and over:We see what others want us to see, we Hear what they want us to hear, while many seem to be remiss in trusting what is felt by the mind, body, and spirit. It’s my experience that […]

Surrender to Feeling

Viewing energy as a life force isn’t as difficult as FEELING it.  I can see it with my senses while aware and attuned to the Universe. I can acknowledge by thought when my energy is low and accept I am the one who is responsible for protecting my energy.  This is KNOWING. However, acting with […]