Integration of Love with Awareness

The Legend of Two Moons:Integration of Love with Awareness I find myself reminded of this lesson over and over:We see what others want us to see, we Hear what they want us to hear, while many seem to be remiss in trusting what is felt by the mind, body, and spirit. It’s my experience that […]

Courage to Feel

Sometimes, my senses become oversaturated with objects, structures, signs, and noise, to the point of detaching from myself and their purpose. That detachment can morph into a dissociative state. Though I do this for my protection, it’s a place I prefer not to be. My intent is to feel, not hide behind the safety of […]

Surrender to Feeling

Viewing energy as a life force isn’t as difficult as FEELING it.  I can see it with my senses while aware and attuned to the Universe. I can acknowledge by thought when my energy is low and accept I am the one who is responsible for protecting my energy.  This is KNOWING. However, acting with […]

Emotional Manipulation

I’ve exited several conversations in the past with physical tension, unable to specify or place what occurred between myself and the other person. Confused and heavy-hearted I move on with my days, unaware of the growing effect of the disturbing conversation on my mind, body, and spirit.  Then, without warning, the veiled intent of the […]

Sharing The Dream

“Facing our truths through writing heals us in so many ways. We learn what is important to us as we pen our pain and turn the page.” I didn’t know how to share my story at first. It was awkward, filled with fear of rejection, long sentences that sometimes made sense only to me. My […]