Why Are Women Allowing This?

Most times, what I share takes a large amount of courage, understanding, and compassion for myself and others. Today is no exception. Though it’s not often I share my stand on hot topics or issues, the news from SCOTUS led me to choose to express my feelings and beliefs on a topic related to women’s […]

Sharing The Dream

“Facing our truths through writing heals us in so many ways. We learn what is important to us as we pen our pain and turn the page.” I didn’t know how to share my story at first. It was awkward, filled with fear of rejection, long sentences that sometimes made sense only to me. My […]

Express Yourself

Living Deliberately Unbound allows me to express myself with a healthy sense of vulnerability.  Self-Expression requires me to Trust that I can safely say what I feel, know, or believe, in my efforts to meet my intention of living my Life as is appropriate for me.  If Self-Care or Self-Expression feels out of reach for […]