Groomed to Be Insecure: Why You Struggle to Leave

. One of the reasons it’s so hard to break away from your abuser is a lack of inner safety. Insecure attachment is not the same as love. Love is selfless; emotional attachments are selfish. Ironically, you became attached to your abuser from a need for safety. Your abuser exploited your insecurities, primarily your need […]

The Stories We Create

Dearest Survivor: I know how painful it is when you learn the truth that someone isn’t attracted to you the way you are to them. Please, ask yourself this question before you get too deep. Are you attracted to that person, or is it the idea of being accepted and belonging, of being loved by […]

Invalid Arguments


It’s painful not to believe what you know.  When you know your value, your worth, that you are impeccable (a good person) and hold intimate knowledge of what others see in you, but you don’t believe it yourself, it can twist you up and knots inside.  There’s an emotionally painful loop with the same question, […]