Trauma Colors Your World View

Trauma colors your world view. It changes everything about how you live – emotionally and physically. 

Grief can cause trauma and will compound the already painful feelings from earlier trauma experiences.

If we only treat the images flashed in our minds when triggered and grieving, we risk prolonged trauma symptoms and our overall health. 

This is where the importance of mindfulness is emphasized, especially with trauma survivors. 

An excellent place to begin is understanding how trauma affects your fear responses.  Trauma takes over every part of your life in painful ways. In my life, trauma altered every aspect. To add insult to injury, my husband’s transition dumped grief into my already disconnected mind-body state. 

Fear of simple tasks filled my waking moments,  from how I ate to how I slept, socialized, exercised, listened to music, and more. I felt cognitively impaired and developed somatic illnesses. 

After intense inner work restored much of my cognitive and emotional intelligence, I realized something I was still missing. I always felt the weight of shame and some resentments. I had not taken into account the memory of traumatic grief stored in my body. 

Traumatic grief –  grief that accompanies loss that is unexpected – triggers post-trauma survival mechanisms on top of the mourning of whatever was unexpectedly lost.

By implementing bottom-up modalities (movement, psychodrama, creativity) to address the fear of facing present moments and the future, I can manage traumatic grief. 

Mindfulness of the body assists with learning to self-regulate, reducing post-traumatic stress and tension. It’s not a cure, but it is enough to engage with life with renewed colors and process grief without triggering a survival response.

It’s enough to help you on your journey to Grow with Love. 

❤️ Sher

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Sher Unbound

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